Our Approach

Better Material
It’s simple.  We put more into it so you can get more out of it.  Each course is developed by a team of experienced design engineers with a combined 50+ years of experience.  In addition we include copious notes for each slide in the student manual.  More notes means less time writing and more time listening.  In addition the notes make the student manual a rich reference book for the future… More>

Better Developers and Instructors
Our people are experienced designers and have written books on both Verilog and VHDL.  No one else offers the depth of talent that we offer.  Our people are familiar with the challenges of today’s design environment and how to apply the language for best results.  And because we have more trainers, we are more flexible in meeting your needs… More>

Better Results
With over 5,000 people trained in the past 16+ years we offer more experience, a greater range of courses and proven results.  In addition we offer the ability to customize our material for your situation.  We can mix and match our material to suit your specific needs.  Our goal is to give you the exact training you need – no more and no less.